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Radio and Television Advertising

Radio and television advertising can give you information about product and service availability, especially about sales. You will have to differentiate between advertising for national products, which is the same all over the country, and local business advertising. The local advertising is usually less well produced than the slick national ads, and will often feature a business owner or key employee as spokesperson. Some, with varying degrees of success, will attempt to use humor in an attempt to stick into your mind. It may seem a little strange, but when people make fun of a commercial they tend to remember it. Local radio commercials are often given by the same announcers responsible for the regular programming.

Some national chain stores and franchised food restaurants may have promotions and sales on a nationwide basis; you might or might not have access to the stores advertised. In general, however, the local advertising is the most useful. Furniture and appliance stores, which may have several branches in your area, will advertise, as well as department stores, discount stores, banks, jewelry stores, physicians and dentists, and supermarkets. Advertising may well be blaring and annoying, but on a local basis it can bring across much useful information, including values such as new customer discounts.

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