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Pack and Ship Services

Packing, shipping and mailbox services are very handy for someone new to the United States. These establishments make their money by offering a number of convenient services under one roof. For a monthly fee, they will rent you a mailbox and accept packages for you. You will be able to receive UPS and express service deliveries at your box or at the desk, which you cannot do at the less expensive mailboxes rented by the government post office. (Note also, that frequently, government post offices have a waiting list for their postal boxes; most private mailbox services do not.)

When you need to send a package, for an extra fee over the usual charges for UPS, Federal Express, DHL or the United States Postal Service, the office will expertly pack the item and take care of all the paperwork and document tracking. This is handy for occasional use if you do not have an account with one of the carriers or express services.

Many of these establishments offer printing and photocopy services, fax sending and receiving, computer rental, internet access, mail forwarding services, document shredding, notary services, passport photos, messenger services, and other convenient services all in one place. Many sell stationery items, boxes, and packing and moving supplies, usually at a premium for the convenience.

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