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Providers of public services use various types of newspapers to advertise their products, special sales and events. Many types of stores have sales at certain times of the year where you can legitimately save money. Other stores have sales when they need to clear out slow-moving goods. Still other stores have sales all the time. Some are legitimate discount stores and some are less than ethical. A careful reading of the community’s main daily, weekly and Sunday newspapers will give you a good idea of the products and services available.

In many major daily newspapers, food and supermarket advertising, often with listing of special items and coupons, will be featured one day a week, usually Wednesday. These food sections are useful places for doing quick comparison shopping.

Another helpful type of newspaper is called a Shopper, often a Pennysaver. These newspapers are given out free of charge. Some of them double as television listing sheets. Some have only advertising, others act as community newspapers. What they have in common is that they make their money by selling advertising. In any community or neighborhood in a large city these free newspapers will act as a convenient way to scan the local business, services and products without having to pick up a 1000 page Yellow Pages that covers the entire city or county. The Yellow Pages, of course, gives you a greater depth of choices. Often the newspapers will have discount coupons you can cut out and present to the merchant so you can save money when you patronize that business. It’s their way of trying to introduce themselves to you.

Most newspapers contain classified advertisements as well as larger display ads. Classified ads can be placed by businesses but may also be for something as simple as a child selling a bicycle or a person selling a used car. Many fine products can be obtained through classified ads, but of course there is no guarantee as to quality. Many, if not most newspaper classified sections in the United States are now online, often in an enhanced form. Even given the further reach that the Internet gives newspapers in reaching their audience, the advent of free community classified sites, including the wide-reaching, has seriously reduced the reach of the newspaper in the transactions of everyday life.

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