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Facsimile (Fax) Machines

Fax machines operate on normal telephone lines. If you have a fax machine, you can order a separate “dedicated” telephone line for it, with a separate telephone number, which is convenient, or save money by using your regular line for both phone and fax. If you do this, you’ll probably do a lot of switching back and forth, though devices do exist which can route calls to either a fax or telephone depending on the type of call. When you send a fax, you’ll use the fax machine to call another fax machine by dialing the telephone number, with area code if necessary.

The advent of e-mail has diminished the importance of the fax machine in every day life, but faxes are sometimes still necessary, often for legal documents that require signatures. If you send faxes infrequently, you always have the option of using an outside fax service, for a few dollars each use.

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