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Cellular Phones

The mobile or cellular telephone has taken the world by storm. It is well represented in the United States and now in American culture. Cellular telephone service providers engage in fierce competition, each claiming better prices, better coverage, faster connections. Cellular service may involve simple telephone calling, full Internet access, or any of a wide array of services.

Most mobile telephones today allow texting. The prevalence of texting in automobiles, especially by young people, has caused some controversy because of the accidents that may result, but the language of texting has already become part of the national culture. With the increase in wireless networks around the world, especially in areas that were never thought to get wireless, we’ll continue to see major innovations in cellular technology, as it is the way of the future.

So many types of mobile telephone services are available, at so many price ranges, that it pays to start service by visiting one of the “cell phone stores” that seem to be everywhere in America these days. There is no substitute for fully understanding which services are included, when minutes are charged and when they are not (often night and weekend minutes are free), and how much international service, if available, costs.

Please keep in mind that it is not considered polite in America to carry on a long conversation on a cellular phone while seated in a restaurant or other area in which people are trying to converse quietly. You will see (and hear) people do it nonetheless.

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