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Born Again Christians

A Major Phenomenon. American has a tradition of evangelism, mostly among Protestants. Using television or filling stadiums and large arenas with live audiences, major evangelical leaders preach to millions of people. Smaller evangelical meetings take place in store fronts and tiny churches all over the United States, on weekdays as well as Sundays. Evangelists preach to and attract audiences from all religious groups, Christian or otherwise.

Grass Roots Origins. Evangelical Christianity has its roots in tent revival meetings that over the centuries have been conducted by itinerant preachers. America has gone through frequent periods of religious revival and, as the second millennium progresses to the third, the evangelical trend is increasing. Those who accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior in adult life consider that they have been “born again,” a very common reference. The result is that the evangelical churches have been gaining membership at the expense of the traditional “mainline” Protestant churches.

Fundamentalism. Evangelism is not synonymous with religious “fundamentalism,” a point of view that considers the Bible to be the revealed word of God, to be followed literally. There is some crossover between the two however, since a great number of evangelists are also fundamentalists.

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