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National Exchange Club

The National Exchange Club, with more than 800 individual clubs and 28,000 members in the United States and Puerto Rico, is an organization dedicated to public service. Charles A. Berkey founded the first club in Detroit, Michigan in 1911, calling it the “Exchange Club” because it was designed to serve as a forum in which people who wanted to serve their communities could exchange ideas. The present day national headquarters is in Toledo, Ohio. The Exchange Club’s motto is “Unity for Service.”

The Exchange Club official “Program of Service” is divided into the four key areas of americanism (working to “promote pride in country, respect for the flag and other American symbols, appreciation of our freedoms and the costs of those freedoms”), community service (crime and fire prevention, and service to senior citizens), youth programs (including a number of recognition and awards programs for young people), and child abuse prevention.

The National Exchange Club Foundation presently maintains or assists with more than 115 affiliated child abuse prevention centers around the United States.