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Life in the USA - Organizations and Charities
The individual pages in this American Organizations and Charities section of Life In The USA describe national organizations. We welcome suggestions for new sections, provided that the organizations are national and are either not-for-profit or community-oriented in nature. Contact us through the Life In The USA Home Page.

Public Service Organizations:
--Toastmasters Clubs
--Rotary Clubs
--Kiwanis Clubs
--Lions Clubs
--Optimist Clubs
--National Exchange Club

Youth Organizations:
--Girl Scouts of The USA
--Boy Scouts of America
--The 4-H Clubs
--Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Health Organizations:

Cultural Organizations:

Support Organizations:

Educational Organizations:
--The National FFA Organization

Environmental Organizations:

Animal Organizations:

Business Organizations:

Athletic Organizations:

Political Organizations:

Scientific Organizations:

Ethnic Organizations:

Religious Organizations:

Miscellaneous Organizations:

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