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Medical Care

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Full Chapter Outline:
Health Insurance
---Major Medical Insurance
---Managed Care
---Health Benefits
---On Your Own
---Group Policies
---Medical and Blood Tests
---Open Enrollment

Disability Insurance

Medicare and Medicaid




Alternative Medicine

Rosacea and Stress

Other Health Practitioners


Emergency Medical Care

Walk In Clinics

Specialty Clinics


Teen Pregnancy

Contraception and Abortion

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Pharmacies and Legal Drugs

The United States has many advantages to offer the newcomer, but a stable, affordable health care system is not one of them. The phrase health care crisis is perhaps too mild. Costs are skyrocketing, lawsuits proliferating. Special interest groups aggravate the problems. Racism, poverty, drug abuse and AIDS make matters worse. Significant portions of the population can no longer afford adequate health insurance. As a result, to get good affordable health insurance in the United States you have to know what you're doing. You just can't afford not to be fully informed, since health care is the one area where the American system can do you the most damage.

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