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Dental care in the United States is excellent. American teeth are in better shape than teeth in most other countries due to better diet, the American obsession with tooth brushing and oral care, and water fluoridation. The results: too many dentists, not enough work to go around.

Ask for recommendations for a dentist, then make an appointment to get acquainted. Dentists are less arrogant than doctors. They are treated as a respected, highly useful profession, but not as gods (though they are addressed as Doctor, not Mister or Ms.). Dental treatment, on the other hand, is rarely considered a pleasant experience.

Checkups. Once involved with a dentist, he or she will send you notices every once in a while for checkups and tooth cleanings. Use your judgment as to whether you need to visit the dentist as frequently as he or she suggests.

Fear of dentists. Dental Fear Central is an excellent site that deals with dental phobia: fear of going to the dentist.

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