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Contraception and Abortion

Contraception of all types is used in the United States and is freely available. Because of the AIDS scare, the use of condoms (“rubbers”) by men has increased. While condoms are good protection against disease, they are not foolproof for preventing pregnancy.

Abortion is by far the most controversial issue in America. Despite the controversy, abortions are freely available throughout most of the country. Anti-abortion activists have, on occasion, committed acts of violence against abortion clinics and on personnel who perform abortions. These actions have not generally been condoned by the major anti-abortion organizations.

The terminology used by the media and general public about the abortion controversy can be confusing. People who wish to condemn abortion, make it more difficult to get or make it illegal are referred to as being “pro-life.” People who stress the woman’s right to choose whether or not she gives birth to a child and who campaign for more liberal laws and policies toward abortion are referred to as being “pro-choice.”

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