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The Internet is Everywhere

The Internet affects the entire world, but nowhere more so than in the United States, where it first began to grow. You cannot watch American television, read a newspaper or magazine, or even have much of a conversation in the United States without running into the subject of the Internet. American television commercials exhort viewers to “call or click today.” Cellular networks allowed Internet access on the go, from any location. Traditional “brick and mortar” commerce is declining in the face of “e-commerce.”

Despite the Dot-com bubble of the late 20th century, many commentators believe the effect of the Internet on American life, if not the life of the entire planet, is just beginning. The Internet brings mobility, and breaks down boundaries, two phenomena that have always been associated with the United States. The Internet is also the foundation for the “new economy,” one of the keys to continuing American prosperity in the post-industrial age.

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