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At The Border

INS Examination. When you arrive in the United States, you’ll be examined at the border. The INS wants to make sure you are not a political agitator, a sexual deviant, a disease carrier or a criminal. The INS has a fairly broad power to exclude “undesirables.” If you are denied entry, you will have a right to a free lawyer and to a hearing. The INS won’t go out of their way to remind you of these rights, so it’s up to you to make sure you get the hearing.

The I-94 Card. When entering the country you will fill out a card called Form I-94. The card will be attached to your passport. Any temporary visa will begin to run as of the date the card is stamped upon entry into the United States. Pay particular attention to the expiration date. It is the date after which you risk becoming illegal if the visa is temporary.

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