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Life in the USA
Government and Law

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Full Chapter Outline:
Structure of Government
From the Beginning
---The Bill of Rights
---Rights of Accused People
---The Executive Branch
---The Legislative Branch
---The Judicial Branch
---Balance of Power
---State Governments

Legal 'Conservatism' of the American People

Who Makes the Laws?

Administrative Agencies

Political Parties and Elections

Lawyers and Litigation
---The Common Law
---A Lot of Laws
---Finding a Lawyer
---Legal Education
---Lawyers Not Popular
---Law on Television
---Legal Aid
---Many Kinds of Courts

Everyday Law
---Marriage and Child Support
---Estate and Trust
---Debtor Creditor Law
---Tax Law
---Consumer Law
---Landlord Tenant Law

Dealing with Bureaucracy

Police and Criminal Law
---Many Jurisdictions
---Police and Violence
---Rights of Accused People

The Military
---Vietnam, Iraq, Kosovo
---The Armed Services

Government in America is large, perhaps too large. Some Americans believe that all social concerns can be treated and solved by the government, while others see the government as a vested interest with no function but to perpetuate itself.

Whatever your view, in the United States you will have to deal with government at many levels. If you want to add an addition to your home, you will need a permit from the local town or city government. You will get your driver's license from the state government, or a small business loan from the federal government. You will certainly pay taxes to government entities at a number of levels. In the United States, a complicated system of laws affects everyday life, yet many laws also affect and restrict the action of government itself.

The sections that follow give a survey of the structure of American government plus some basic information on American laws, followed by information about the police in the United States as well as the American military.

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