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Personal Finance in America

The United States has a sophisticated system for safeguarding, transferring and managing money. Economic matters are a separate issue. The housing and mortgage bubble that surfaced in 2008 hit banks and financial institutions hard. This led to a liquidity crisis, immense government bailouts, and a decline in confidence in the system.

While the federal government prints the currency and mints the coins, most of the financial institutions you will deal with as a consumer will be entirely private: banks, savings institutions, insurance companies, credit card companies and investment brokers. The major exception, of course, comes in the realm of taxes, both federal and state.

These sections on personal finance in the United States divide into five key areas: banking, credit, insurance, investments, and taxes.

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Full Chapter Outline:
What The Money Looks Like

The Banking System
Types of Bank Accounts
Endorsements and Check Clearing
Automatic Teller Machines
Internet Banking
Investment Accounts

Check Cashing Stores

Makes Life Much Easier
How to Start Getting Credit
Credit Reporting Bureaus
Credit Cards
Getting a Loan
Payday Loans

What Types of FHA Loans Are Available

Insurance Companies
Life Insurance
Health Insurance
Disability Insurance
Liability Insurance

Many Ways to Invest
Investment Firms and Brokers
On Line Trading
Investment Advisors
Securities Markets
Mutual Funds
Other Investment Vehicles
Retirement Accounts
Commodities and Futures
Tangible Investments

Real Estate as Investment

Personal Taxes
Paying for Government
Income Taxes
Tax Returns
The W4 Form
Tax Forms
Tax Avoidance and Evasion
Sales Taxes
Property Taxes
Estate and Gift Taxes

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