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The ancient Indian discipline known as yoga began to grow in popularity in the United States in the 1960s; today it can only be considered part of the mainstream of American culture. Yoga purists, including many in America, often stress that yoga is a spiritual discipline. The United States has had for many decades a number of centers for yoga study, most of which offer spiritual retreats. More than one school of yoga practice claims to be the most authentic variety; the competition between various systems has sometimes led to bitter litigation and intense commercial rivalry.

While the spiritual aspect of yoga is vital in America, it is as a health and exercise discipline that yoga has become a true part of American life. Yoga stretching, breathing and relaxation classes are available in every community; they are offered both by for-profit companies like health clubs and spas and community organizations like schools, churches and senior centers. Specialty yoga classes are available for senior citizens, women, mothers-to-be, and children.

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