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Self Defense

Violent crime in the United States makes news, yet many other countries have a greater level of violence and street crime. You can do many things to avoid becoming a crime victim, but once an aggressive criminal threatens you with a gun, a knife, or a large athletic body, self-defense may be dangerous for you. If you have a weapon, the criminal may turn it against you. Defend against a robbery, and you may well turn it into a murder: your own.

If it’s only a matter of the money in your wallet or purse, give the criminal the money. Do not antagonize or make fun of the criminal. Try to remember the criminal’s appearance to give to the police, but do your best to keep yourself safe by getting the unpleasant event over with as quickly as possible.

Self-defense schools are widely found throughout the United States. They teach “martial arts”, usually east-Asian disciplines such as karate, kung fu, tae kwan do, judo, chi gong, and aikido. These disciplines are widely practiced in the United States as regular sports. Actually using these techniques, however, can be dangerous. It takes many years of practice to become effective at these disciplines to protect yourself against someone who threatens you with a knife or a gun or who is twice your size.

Any local adult education program or community college will have a self-defense and protection against crime program. Once again, your public library is the best source for information. Some programs avoid the martial arts disciplines and show practical ways everyday people can use to dissuade harassment and attack without putting themselves in jeopardy.

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