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Rape, unfortunately, is an extremely common crime in the United States. It can occur anywhere, in cities, suburbs or rural areas.

Most American communities have resource centers for women that provide information on how to protect themselves against sexual attacks. These may include sets of sensible instructions such as to avoid certain areas, or, indeed, may include classes in self-defense or confrontation avoidance. A woman just relocating to the United States, who does not know her way around very well, may be particularly vulnerable. She should make contact with these resource centers and learn as much as possible about protecting herself. Most communities also have counseling centers for women who have been raped.

Learn the law. If someone you know, even if you know him well, forces you to have sex against your will, that act may constitute criminal rape. If you are the victim of a rape or other type of sexual attack, do not wash in any way, call the police immediately, and try to remember as many details as you can about the attacker.

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