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Littering and Recycling

While many American cities are far from clean, you don’t have to add to the mess. It is not acceptable in America to throw trash into the street or onto the sidewalk. Use a proper trash receptacle. It is also never acceptable to spit, blow your nose with your fingers or urinate on the street.

Recycling of newspapers, cans, bottles, and all sorts of packaging and containers is widely practiced in America. Organized recycling is becoming more widespread as American concern for the environment and the problems of waste disposal increases. Because of the stress on recycling, household trash must not only be disposed of neatly, but also in a way that assures that recyclable materials are properly separated. If you buy a can of soda or a newspaper in America, often you may have to search for a proper receptacle other than the trash in order to dispose of it, especially if you are in a public building.

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