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Health and Fitness

Americans are obsessed with health, physical fitness and personal appearance. Millions of Americans belong to health/exercise clubs or attend aerobics or yoga classes. Millions more buy aerobics videos for workouts in the privacy of their homes. Americans ride bicycles, run in road races, walk, hike, ride horses, swim, row, snowshoe, roller-skate, ice-skate–the list is endless. Millions of Americans play golf and tennis, racquetball, volleyball, basketball, baseball and football on an amateur basis. Even if they don’t engage in these sports, they often dress as if they do. The market for athletic wear in the United States continues to boom.

Getting Involved in Sports and Fitness. If you played soccer in your native country, you can find soccer clubs in every major American community. Recreation leagues for every other major sport, particularly basketball, volleyball, and softball (a variation of baseball) are available for both men and women. There are also mixed male/female (“co-ed”) leagues. Many corporations sponsor their own teams, which play in organized leagues.

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