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Dealing with Rejection

Don’t take it personally. Rejection is always part of the employment process. The first rule is not to take it personally. In the United States, there is no one method of finding employment. The whole system is a patchwork, and is likely to remain so. Only the most general of rules apply. As a result, you may be rejected for a job opportunity you may feel you are perfectly suited for. Someone else less suited may be hired in your place. Only on very rare occasions will you get a satisfactory answer as to why you have been rejected for a job. The key is to keep trying.

Keeping Going. Remember this: The process of finding a job itself is a job. Certainly there are “experts” out there who will take your money for counseling and then call you every now and then to give you a “pep talk.” But the key fact is that every job-finding situation is different. The economy changes constantly, and the economic situation of every individual firm changes just as quickly. Opportunity can show its face at any moment. You need to be ready to take advantage when this happens, and you do that by remaining consistent and energetic in your job searching activities.

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