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The Employment Application

Even if you already have a resume, most employers will require you to fill out an employment application form. The form gives the employer basic information about you and creates a legal record that becomes part of your file once you are employed.

Employment application forms do not always make sense, nor do they commonly give you enough space to put in meaningful details. Remain calm; native-born Americans with advanced college degrees may face exactly the same difficulty.

The best way to deal with an application form is to strive to fill it out as neatly and completely as possible, and remain calm in the process. Tell the truth in all cases. To make the form seem less intimidating, approach it one line at a time. Read it over carefully and check for errors before submitting.

Keep in mind that the application form itself is probably not going to get you the job, nor will it lose you the job. Your resume and your behavior in an interview are much more important. In many cases, the employer may hardly even glance at the form. Take care of it, but do not make too much of it

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