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Employment Agencies and Search Firms

Agencies. If you use an employment agency, ask questions. Try to learn as quickly as possible where they get their business and how they want you to present yourself so you’ll have the best chance of being hired. Employment agencies, except at the very lowest levels, receive their fee from the employer, not from you. If anyone at an agency asks you for payment, be careful.

Executive search firms differ from employment agencies in that they consider their clients to be the employer rather than the employee. Job seekers often bombard these firms with resumes. Most of the resumes are ignored. Search firms are very knowledgeable and have their own networks to find qualified people for their corporate clients.

State and local employment agencies make job offerings available on a non-profit basis. They will vary between time-wasting bureaucracies and extremely helpful public service organizations. Your local public library ought to have a good list of these agencies.

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