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Extra Educational Opportunities

In the sphere of education in the United States, schools are only part of the story. The free market has its own effect. In many communities, individuals and businesses offer tutoring, educational enrichment and academic remediation services for young people who, for whatever reason, have difficulty succeeding at school. Several national educational assistance chains exist, including Sylvan Learning, Huntington Learning Centers, and Kumon Learning Centers. These businesses offer individual tutoring in the major academic subjects, preparation for aptitude tests, homework assistance, and general academic training. In communities large and small, the need is great.

In shopping malls across the country, specialized stores sell learning materials of all varieties: games, science packages, children’s books, and other tools. The vast array of educational software and video packages forms an industry of its own. Educational programming is widely broadcast on public and network television, while cable and satellite TV have dozens of channels showing documentary, history and science programming. Parents who really care about their children’s education have many options: access to books, encyclopedias, the best of television, and the learning power the home computer can bring.

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