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Applying to College

A Lot of Paperwork. The college application process in the United States is elaborate. Though colleges do cooperate on certain paperwork matters, like the Scholastic Aptitude Test and some financial aid applications, each college will have different application forms and fees, different deadlines, and different requirements for admission. Choosing the right college is the first step. Many guides to American colleges are published, and extensive information on colleges is available on the Internet.

Basic Strategy. The college application process can be divided into several basic basic parts:

  • getting transcripts of your high school or other grades to the admissions office
  • preparing for and taking taking the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
  • preparing and sending in an application form, with fee
  • arranging for recommendation letters to be sent to the admissions office
  • everything else, depending on the school

You will probably apply to more than one college, so it will be a challenge to complete all these tasks well within the time deadlines (noting that each college will have different deadlines). Keep copies of all documents, and keep good records.

Once you are accepted to a college, the work will begin all over again. You will have a great deal of paperwork to do, and, above all, remember to send them money when they ask for it.

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