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Magazines: Something for Everyone

Whatever your interest, you’ll find a magazine catering to it in the United States. If you collect old silver dollars, then Coins magazine should interest you. If you raise dairy cows, try Holstein World. Magazines are big business. Many Americans base their entire philosophy of life on magazine articles. Besides the thousands of small specialty magazines, several dozen larger specialty and general audience magazines keep America informed and entertained. About two dozen major women’s magazines, for example, cover every possible niche from fashion conscious 17-year-olds, to young mothers, to women over 40. Major mainstream national products are sold through the advertising in these magazines. News-magazines like TimeNewsweek and U.S. News and World Report cover breaking national and international stories on a weekly basis. Business magazines with a wide readership are Business Week and Fortune. General interest magazines such as People cover the lives of celebrities and other interesting people. Dozens of American communities, cities and regions have their own magazines featuring local news, features and advertising.

You can purchase magazines at newsstands and magazine stores (which have the best selection of specialty magazines) or in variety stores, convenience stores and supermarkets (for the most widely read magazines). Americans often subscribe to magazines, which means that the magazine will be sent to their home, often at a considerable discount over the newsstand price . Nearly all libraries have a periodicals section where you can read the newest issues of magazines and have access to back issues often many years worth in microfilm or bound volumes for research purposes.

Here’s Your Magazine Homework. A few useful magazines for understanding American life would be PeopleMoney (about a subject dear to American hearts), one of the news-magazines, a journal of opinion like HarpersNational Review or the New Republic, a fashion-oriented woman’s magazine like Cosmopolitan or Vogue plus a family-oriented one like Family Circle, one of the business magazines, and perhaps a few of the specialty magazines, like high-tech Wired or Fast Company.

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