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Waste, Recycling and the Environment

The environment (“going green”) is a critical issue in America. Americans are doing their part to produce less waste, for example, by bringing reusable shopping bags to markets rather than asking for plastic or paper grocery bags. In some markets, the bags actually cost a few cents each as a means of encouraging less wasteful practices. Americans also try to purchase products made with recyclable materials.

As a consumer, recycle when you can. In your community, learn about recycling and follow the local procedures. This will involve separating your garbage (bottles, newspapers, cans, etc.) and placing them in the appropriate containers. In public areas such as railway stations and on the street, it is common in the United States to see a variety of bins: one for recycling cans and bottles, for example, another just for newspapers, yet another for actual trash.

Never Litter. Even though your town or city does hire people to pick up litter from the streets, get into the good habit of throwing it into proper containers. Americans do not approve of littering, even though it may well be the custom in your original country. Littering is also very frequently illegal, and can subject you to substantial fines.

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