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Life in the USA
Living In An American Community

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Full Chapter Outline:
---Home Ownership
---The Typical American Home
---Mortgages and Closings
---Real Property Tax
---Building Your Own Home
---Cooperatives and Condominiums
---Renting an Apartment
---What is Included
---Being Accepted as a Tenant
---Landlords and Problems
---Rent Control
---Furnished Rooms
---Other Housing Issues
---Second Homes
---Home Exchange
---Roommates and Sharing
---Real Estate Brokers
---Homeowners Insurance
---Home Security
---Energy Brokers
---Home Maintenance
---Refrigerator Magnets
---Settling Into a Neighborhood

Moving Cross-Country by Car

The craigslist Phenomenon

Meetup groups

Childcare and Nursery School

Child Abuse

Hiring a Nanny for Your Child

Unruly American Children

Pet Ownership and Care
Adopting a Pet

Seasonal Life and Holidays
---New Year's
---Martin Luther King Day
---Groundhog Day
---St. Valentine's Day
---Mardi Gras
---Presidents Day
---St. Patrick's Day
---April Fools' Day
---Patriots' Day
---Spring Break
---Earth Day
---Arbor Day
---Cinco De Mayo
---Mother's Day
---Father's Day
---Memorial Day
---Flag Day
---Independence Day
---Labor Day
---Patriot Day
---Columbus Day
---Election Day
---Veterans Day
---Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
---Christmas Season

---Wind Power in America

Community Services
---Emergency Services
---Public Agencies
---Social Workers
---Waste Disposal and Recycling

America is urban, rural, industrial, agricultural and suburban. American communities take all shapes and sizes. To live successfully in America, you need to know how to find a place to live, settle into it, maintain it, and become part of the community, all subjects of this chapter.

Since American holidays and special days often involve community activities, we include them in this chapter. We also cover childcare and pet care, with sections on community services and resources, both public and private.

This “Living in an American Community” section, and the “Life In The USA” site in general, does not give community information on specific cities or locations. You can find these on other Internet sites. A number of books on the market, frequently revised, list the most desirable places to live in the United States based on factors such as economic opportunity, safety, schools, etc.

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