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What is Included in Apartment Rental

American communities vary as to which appliances and services are commonly included in an apartment rental. In New York City, for example, the cost of heat and hot water is usually included in the rent, while air conditioning is not. In some other communities, an apartment renter must pay for heat and hot water separately. In some apartments, electricity or gas service is included in the rent, in the case of others you may have to create your own account with the local gas and electric utility. Telephone, cable television, and Internet services are usually not included in the rent, but there are exceptions.

In nearly all apartment rental situations in the United States, the kitchen will include a stove, refrigerator (usually with freezer compartment) and sink, while the presence of a dishwasher or waste disposal device will depend on the building or development. Bathrooms include a toilet, a bathtub or shower, and a sink. Air conditioning may be built-in, or you may need to purchase window air conditioners. You may have a washing machine and dryer in your apartment, or in a common area of your building or development.

Your apartment will include a lock for your door, which may or may not be secure. You may be wise to add a second lock. Any decent apartment in the United States has a working intercom and buzzer system for security, and good apartments have peepholes on their doors for added security.

Mailbox facilities in apartment buildings vary, but you will need to ensure that mail you receive is secure. An outdoor parking space or indoor garage space may be included in the rent or offered at an extra charge.

Some apartment communities have swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms, and other recreational facilities for their tenants, either free or on a monthly fee basis. Modern developments and buildings may also have community rooms that host social events, and business centers providing computers and Internet access.

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