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What it Takes to Succeed

While some government agencies, like the Small Business Administration, provide advice and loans to business start-ups, most entrepreneurs are on their own. Those who have the insight and skill to make a business succeed, make money. Those who don’t are doomed to fail.

The market makes the ultimate decision. It is changeable and unforgiving. Many a retail store has failed because it was on the wrong side of the street, half a block too far from a supermarket, or painted green instead of white.

The most clever businessperson cannot predict or control every variable. All business in America involves risk, a risk that never goes away. Many a prosperous business in America has been ruined because of an unfortunate lawsuit, fire, change in the neighborhood, new law on the books or other unpredicted event.

Training, education, and careful planning take some but not all of the risk out of the business equation. The truly essential quality for success in business is personal focus. Business is serious. Successful businesses people take their businesses seriously. They know how to recognize what works and how to repeat their success by doing what works over and over. They are never too proud to change when they know they need to. When they fail, they pick themselves up and start again.

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