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Sales Businesses

Sales businesses may seem on the outside to resemble employment, but when they do not involve working out of a retail location, they function as an independent entrepreneurial business, often requiring very little or no financial outlay.

Sales areas are relatively easy to enter, and difficult to master. In many sales situations, the salesperson will sell the products or services of a major company but will have “independent contractor” status, receiving a percentage commission from the company based on sales, often with incentives. If no sale occurs, the salesperson makes no money. Even the best salespeople have slow periods, frustrations, and much rejection. Sales is a profession that rewards people who are tough and persistent, with high levels of self belief.

To become a salesperson for financial services, insurance or real estate, you need to prepare for examinations and earn various federal and state licenses. To sell consumer products or to act as a representative of a local service business, no special license is required. When people think “sales,” they often envision sales to individuals or families, but “business-to-business” sales situations offer good career opportunities to the right person.

Sales can involve the difficult “door-to-door” approach, or the equally difficult telephone sales situation. Don’t worry; the difficulty factor cuts down on the competition.

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