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The Human Factor

Customer Service is an important concept in American business today. “Customer Focus” goes one step beyond. Pay close attention to customer service. You’re in business for the long haul. If you do a poor job or provide a poor product, you might make more money at first but you will not be laying the groundwork for long term success. In the highly competitive American marketplace, you have to give your customers a reason for coming back to you again and again. Communicate with them. Be there to listen to their needs. You might not speak their language with proper grammar, but if you are genuine in your desire to satisfy the American consumer, you will be repaid with their unending loyalty.

Making your business special in the eyes of your customers is what makes the business successful. Good displays, well-groomed employees, a neatly maintained store or office, a friendly attitude toward the customers, good manners on the telephone; all these factors help a business stand out against its competitors. The philosophy that works best is the “marketing orientation,” gearing the business to the customer needs, rather than the “sales orientation,” which concentrates on the product or service and then tries to convince people they need it. An attitude that treats the customer as someone special is the key to success.

Beyond customers. In business, you will deal with employees, with suppliers, with governmental bureaucrats, with people of all types. Most people become easier to deal with if you respect their needs, their time, and their style of communicating. People also appreciate honesty and openness in business dealings, despite the fact that dishonest businesspeople attract so much media attention.

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