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Business in The USA

The United States has a long history and heritage of business achievement. Business cycles run through boom and bust eras as they always will, but the entrepreneurial spirit continues. Despite significant regulation by government and some real public ambivalence, the United States remains an excellent place to start and run a business. The right to start a business is one of the most cherished rights in the United States. Although the chance of failure is high, liberal bankruptcy laws encourage entrepreneurs to keep trying. The American tax system strongly favors the self-employed.

Business requires risk. Failure is always a possibility. Emotional energy and personal focus are essential. The potential rewards are, of course, great, the first among them being independence. However cynical Americans may appear to be about business in general, they truly respect those who have succeeded as entrepreneurs.

The sections that follow give an overview of business in the United States from the point of view of a newcomer who is considering starting or working in a business. Immigrants have always had a hand in making America great, often by starting and running their own businesses.

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Full Chapter Outline:
Getting Started
The Immigrant Wave
What It Takes to Succeed
American Attitudes
Financial Requirements
The Human Factor

Legal Considerations

Buying an Existing Business

Buying a Franchise

Negotiating a Deal

Business Networking

Low Investment Businesses
Mobile Prepared Food Sales
Service Businesses
Sales Businesses
Multi-Level Sales
Home Business
The Get Rich Quick Market

Business Supplies

Lawyers and Accountants


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