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Where To Retire

America offers a wide choice in retirement locations. The first and most obvious choice is to continue living in the same place you’ve always lived. But large single family homes become too big after the children move out. A home and property may also become too expensive to maintain, or even too much trouble. The cost of living in the area may be high, and now that the retired person is no longer tied to a job he or she can move to a less expensive area where a fixed income goes further. Many older people simply want a change when they retire.

Retirement communities are found all over the country, particularly in the South and West. Retirement residences and apartment complexes operate much the same way. These are planned developments with special services for older people. Often the central community association will take care of home repair and maintenance, mowing the lawns and doing other chores retired people wish to avoid. The communities will have recreation areas, social organizations and a supportive atmosphere. Their codes can be rigid, however, and many retired people prefer to live in regular communities, closer to their families.

Retirement Locations. When choosing a part of the country to retire in, it pays to actually visit the areas you have in mind before making any firm commitments. Any retirement community, mobile home park or other development can be made to look good in a brochure. Dozens of books and websites are available which list or review the best places to retire in America.

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