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Advantages For Senior Citizens

A Fine Array of Privileges. Senior citizens are given many advantages in American communities and by the American market. These include significant discounts on anything from travel to movies to bus-fare to consumer goods. Retail stores sometimes give senior discounts on slow days, every Wednesday, for example. Some establishments give out senior citizens cards which allow discounts all the time.

Discounts. Many stores, hotels, restaurants, theaters and other establishments do give senior citizen discounts, but do not advertise or publicize them widely. They won’t give you the discount automatically, so it pays to ask.

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), open to anyone over 50, offers its members a wide variety of discounts on travel, auto rental, insurance, and anything else sold in the United States.

Community help for senior citizens can range from help preparing tax returns to free hot meals for the homebound. Many communities have “senior citizen centers” that allow for socializing, entertainment, job search and other kinds of assistance.

Not Automatic. None of these advantages comes to a person automatically. The senior American has to become aware of the opportunities, apply for them, and learn to use them.

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