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Shoe Stores
Shoe stores usually specialize in women's, men's or children shoes (women’s shoes by far predominating). Shoe stores exist in the United States at every level of quality and price, from exclusive European imports in resorts and city centers to large suburban shoe “warehouses” that offer low prices and little in the way of service. American shopping malls typically have half a dozen or more shoe stores; department stores are also major shoe retailers. Most shoe stores also sell socks, laces and other related accessories.

Athletic shoes are extremely popular for everyday wear in America, even among non-athletes. Over 70% of Americans own running shoes, in fact, but do not run. A number of chain stores in malls and other locations specialize in athletic shoes only, some carrying shoes of only one brand, some various brands. The major athletic shoe companies advertise quite heavily.

The shoe repair business is one that has never succumbed to franchising or the chain store phenomenon. Shoe repair stores and kiosks are small, but if you look carefully, you will find one tucked away somewhere in many an American community. Shoe repair shops frequently also repair handbags, luggage and other leather goods.

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