Life in the USA Magazine: Essay Contributor Guidelines and Benefits

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Essay Contributor Guidelines and Benefits

Life in the USA is a complete guide to American life for immigrants and Americans. All materials on this site Copyright © Elliot Essman 2014. All rights reserved.

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Basic Information for Essayists

Once your take a good surf through Life In The USA you'll realize that the site is designed to act as a comprehensive guide to American life. Actual and potential immigrants to the USA from all over the world use the site, and it is also widely referenced by college and high school students looking for essay topics and material.

Though the site is comprehensive, creator Elliot Essman could not think of everything. Life In The USA needs sections and articles on any area of American life that could use some explaining to someone coming from another country or culture (or to a young person just starting out). Many of the existing sections need revision and significant expansion. We need articles explaining the part business and civic associations, service clubs, charities, and other organizations play in American life. We could also use articles explaining American geographical regions, major cities, and industries.

Outside essay contributors get the following major benefits:

  1. A permanent section in Life In The USA that establishes you as the expert on the subject.
  2. Inclusion, with photo if possible, in the Life In The USA Magazine.
  3. We actively promote our new sections in order to get them prominent notice on the web as soon as possible. All new links are featured web-wide in the Life In The USA RSS Newsfeed.
  4. We appreciate prominent links back, press mentions, bookmarks to sites such as digg,, reddit, facebook, and StumbleUpon, and in general your telling the world about Life In The USA.

Essays should follow these basic guidlines:

  1. Please send a query and suggest your idea to us before writing. Surf the site first. It can be an entirely new section, a fuller explanation of one of the topics already covered, or it can correct material that may be wrong or outdated.
  2. 500 words or so, more if necessary, written in the third person (don't mention yourself) unless you are submitting for the American Stories section.
  3. If a social issue is involved, please try to cover both sides. Remember, readers will have the chance to click on your website to hear your point of view.
  4. The essay should be generally useful and not too specific. As an example, a general article on pet grooming would serve to explain the phenomenon; an article on grooming long haired dogs would be too specific.
  5. Think quality. Write and rewrite. Proofread carefully. Have others review your essay.

Send an email to Elliot Essman at with your article proposal.

Sample New Sections

-- Employment Gender Gap Katrina Boydon
-- Teen Self-Esteem Jay LaRico
-- Cheerleading Sandi Phillips
-- Mistaken For Black J. LaVelle Ingram, Ph.D.
-- Hiring a Nanny for Your Child Steve Lampert
-- Home Exchange Helen Bergstein
-- Negotiating a Business Deal Erin Flynn
-- Building Your Own House Bill E. Fullington
-- Office Politics Marianne Powers
-- Hollywood Sue Mazzone
-- Salt Water Fishing Craig Banks
-- Rosacea and Stress Daria Wilczynska-White
-- Long Island John Colascione

Sections We Could Use

  • A good survey article on any American state, city or region for our new American Places section.
  • Stories for our new American Stories section.
  • Airport Security
  • Body Building
  • The Quinceanera Tradition
  • Body Piercing
  • Corporate Scandals
  • Street Musicians
  • Motorcycle Culture
  • Identity Theft
  • Outsourcing
  • School Violence
  • Workplace Violence
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Gay Communities
  • Lawn and Garden Maintenance
  • Underage Drinking
  • Drunk Driving
  • Alcoholism
  • Dry Counties
  • Adult and Child Beauty Pageants
  • Theme Parks
  • Mega-stores
  • Mega-churches
  • Las Vegas
  • American Heroes
  • American Folklore
  • Antiques and Collecting
  • Third Party Candidates
  • Internet Matchmaking
  • Immigration Marriage Fraud
  • Energy Costs
  • Pollution Issues
  • Teenage Fads
  • Important Social Issues
  • The Lighter Side of American Life
  • But we can't think of them all. We depend on you.

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