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Meetup Groups
For those people who are new to the United States, or even those who move from one locality to another, provides key networking and socializing opportunities all on one website. has worldwide reach, although its headquarters are in New York City. The site provides an internet interface for groups having to do with almost any interest under the sun. People who wish to run their own groups sign up as group organizers with In exchange for a small monthly fee, the website announces meetings to all members of the group, sends reminders, and keeps track of members who attend. Groups may meet once a week, once a month, or only occasionally, depending on their purpose, at a restaurant, sports facility, school, or community room. Members may sometimes pay a small fee per meeting to defray meeting costs. While some meetup organizers run their groups for profit or to promote their professions or businesses, many others create groups for sports, hobbies, political causes, religion, community service, or just plain fun.

A few examples of groups taken from the listings of a medium-sized American city include: cooking and recipes; photography; knitting and crochet; beer drinkers; online stock market trading; movie fans; dieting; 12-step recovery; vegetarians; Spanish language conversation; children's playgroup; Internet business; wine lovers, basketball; singles; job hunters networking group; poker; and yoga. The Los Angeles area, for example, has over 70 individual meetup groups for vegetarians, Chicago has over 20 dedicated to beer, New York City has over 50 cooking groups, and Dallas, Texas has over 100 groups for parents (including single parents, gay and lesbian parents, stay at home dads, and parents of diabetic children). The possibilities are endless.

The website allows members to search for groups by location, topic, or a combination of the two.

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