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Home business as a concept and a lifestyle is alive and well in the United States. A large infrastructure exists to support home business, the Internet above all. Home businesses can now utilize the same powerful computers, photocopiers, and sophisticated telephone systems as businesses that run out of offices or storefronts. Cellular telephone and Wi-Fi Internet technologies allow businesses to operate on a virtual level, even beyond the home. Home business owners have their own organizations, magazines, Internet forums, and suppliers. Even the tax laws favor home business, allowing percentage deductions against income for business use of part of a home.

The cost savings, in office rent and administrative costs, among other expenses, are considerable, allowing the home businessperson to keep more money in the business to make it survive and thrive. There are legal considerations, most commonly whether or not local zoning laws allow home business. Many of these laws are not strenuously enforced, however.

Home businesses can become quite sophisticated, like the investment newsletter that brings in half a million dollars a year, cramming five employees into a small city apartment. Consultants, professionals, typists and word processors, tailors, caterers, appliance repair people, salespeople, import-export people and many others work out of their homes. Even indoor farms, growing everything from bean sprouts to mushrooms to fine herbs, sometimes operate out of homes and apartments.

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